Area Information And Map

Located midway between West Yellowstone, MT and Jackson, WY, Yellowstone Golf Resort at Aspen Acres RV Park is the ideal base location for day trips to explore the entire Yellowstone Ecosystem. All features of the Ecosystem can be conveniently visited on a day trip basis. Several lifetimes of knowledge and experiences in the region are available to assist your day trip planning.

The centerpiece of Yellowstone Golf Resort at Aspen Acres RV Park is the historic Anderson family barn. Built by the first generation of the Anderson family in the Ashton area, over 100 years ago, craftsmanship and technology from 19th century Sweden is showcased.

Yellowstone Golf Resort Area Map

More Ashton area information available at Ashton Chamber of Commerce

Nearby Activities


Several nearby rivers and streams are ranked among the top 10 fisheries in the world.


Nearby lakes and the rivers provide venues for the enjoyment of almost any type of watercraft.

Sight Seeing

Sight seeing is phenomenal. Specific nearby locations include Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park, Harriman State Park, Big Springs, the Targhee National Forest, and Upper & Lower Mesa Falls. 


Many of the worlds most spectacular hikes are found to the south east in Teton National Park.


Whether it's big game or water fowl Idaho is perfect for hunting.

Wildlife Viewing

The wildlife species are too numerous to list. From the largest, such as: bears, deer, moose, elk, and bison to the smallest: chipmunks, rock chucks, and squirrels.

Bird Watching

A wide variety of nature's amazing birds fly overhead and vary throughout the season. Bring your binoculars!

Sand Dune Riding

The legendary St. Anthony Sand Dunes offers a rider over 11,600 Acres of the tallest ridable dunes.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy easy access to hundreds of miles of unspoiled and secluded wilderness trails.

Wild Flower Viewing

From mid-Spring through Summer even into Fall wild flowers can be seen and enjoyed around nearly every corner.

Waterfall Viewing

There are so many waterfalls in close proximity to Aspen Acres that is would be impossible to list them all.

Mountain Climbing

The Yellowstone Ecosystem offers a broad variety of climbing opportunities


The state of Idaho has a variety of museums, visitor centers, and cultural attractions


Art galleries, local foods, and outdoor gear are just some of the shopping opportunities you will find in Idaho


The opportunities are endless. There are many railroad beds that have been abandoned leaving behind miles of ideal off-road trails.


The Yellowstone Golf Resort course is an 18 hole executive course with views of the Grand Teton and Centennial Mountains


Our property is perfect to bring the family along and just have fun.